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What Can I Expect From My First Pride Event?


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Pride is a massive festival and part of an even bigger cause.

Pride events across the UK attract thousands of people year on year.

Therefore, if you don’t know what to expect, it can be quite overwhelming!

But don’t worry … thankfully, Prides across the country are inclusive and designed for everyone to get involved.

We’ve designed a list of things to expect so that you can make the most of this bold and brilliant event.

UK Pride Community

Pride is about people coming together to celebrate diversity and support the wider LGBTQIA+ community.

Everyone attends, from friends and families to local clubs and institutions.

This will also attract organisations and charities, who will often provide freebies, workshops and educational materials.

If this is your first Pride, the number of people might be a shock but make the most of it!

Join in with the singing, make some new friends and look out for those surrounding you. 

Pride Events are safe spaces, so the bigger the crowd, the more support you will have around you.

Pride Parades & Pride Marches

With Pride, you can expect a march.

A movement made to celebrate those supporting Pride, protest against discrimination and injustice and remember those we lost in the process.

It’s a truly empowering thing to be a part of and we highly recommend you get involved.

There are usually floats, music and lots of decorations.

Traditionally people bring whistles, face paint, and stickers and many decide to wear the flag of their sexual orientation. If you’re planning on attending, make sure to research where the parade starts and at what time, so you can experience the full march and get stuck in!

Music! Lots of Music …

Pride is known for its legendary musical hosting skills.

Each event works to bring in the biggest artists and the hottest LGBTQIA+ icons to perform on a stage.

It’s known for hosting a wide variety of acts to suit every community from families to young people and has an extensive amount of styles to suit everyone’s taste. If you’re going, expect to be partying away!

Our UK Pride Top Tips

Our top tips are to plan ahead for your favourite artists and get there early before they’re on.

The crowds can be quite big and you’ll want to get a good spot!

Also, learn where the toilets are! It might sound silly but trust us, the last thing you want to do is be wandering through the crowds trying to find the nearest loo! 

Lastly, drink and eat lots!

The festival can be intense, so you want to make sure you’re well enough to enjoy the day.

Thankfully these festivals will always have lots of food markets and stalls to keep you supplied throughout the day.

Overall, make the most of it! You can expect to have one of the best and most inclusive experiences of your life, so throw yourself into all of it.

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