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Should Straight People Attend UK Pride Events?


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There is a common debate on the question, “Should straight people attend Pride Events?”

There is a common misconception that LGBTQIA+, Trans and Bi Prides are only be attended by the respected communities.

But how wrong this is!

Yes, straight people do attend Pride Events, but this doesn’t always go down well within the wider-gay communities.

Some people think Pride Events should be exclusively for people who identify as non-heterosexual, Transgender or like. However, others believe Pride should be about bringing everyone together regardless of gender, sexuality, colour, ethnicity or like

At Pride Events UK, we believe it is all about;

“Respect, Accept and Connect”

Okay, so let’s break this down …

Unfortunately, some groups joining Pride Events from outside the wider LGBTQ+ communities have recently caused tension and debate.

Especially as the number of sponsors and wider organisations joining the parades grows each year.

Going to a Pride Event has become a “cool thing” to do rather than acknowledging a community’s struggle with inequality and acceptance.

Pride, like St. Patrick’s Day or St George’s Day, has been taken over by people who want an excuse to drink and party and do not understand the true meaning and history behind the event.

If straight people think that Pride Events are just an excuse to party, think again.

Pride Events across the UK are a way of promoting respect, equality, acceptance and diversity among local communities.

Yes, Pride Events are usually loud, vibrant and have an awesome atmosphere!

But, it is important to remember the roots and reasoning behind the event and focus on the meaning of the event.

Pride Events also promote opportunities to make new friends and meet different people with varying stories. Also, local events usually create a chance to connect with others and build accepting communities of local people.

Lack of Understanding?

Many straight people do understand and accept the symbolism behind the Pride Events.

There are many straight people who attend Pride Events in order to show their support to the LGBTQIA+, Trans and Bi communities and connect with others.

It is important that allies are vocal in their support and for change to happen, everyone across the board needs to become united.

Straight people attending Pride Events also increases awareness and education to younger generations, as well as older. Reducing the negative stigma which is still very much attached to LGBTQIA+, Trans and Bi communities across the world.

What about ‘Gay Bars’? Should straight people go to ‘Gay Bars’?

Gay bars, restaurants and spaces have become more popular over the years.

Straight people have always been welcome and there is often a large community spirit built in the local bars and areas.

But, rightly so, it is important to understand that the LGBTQIA+ and wider community should be allowed to maintain their own spaces.

Over the years, there have been many protests, fights and sacrifices of lives to create safe LGBTQIA+, Gay, Trans and Bi spaces for people to relax and feel welcome.

Again, similar to Pride Events, it is important to understand the history and fight to get gay bars and areas on our UK streets.

Straight people need to understand that gay bars don’t just offer the best nights out, they also offer areas of acceptance and equality for the wider-LGBTQIA+ communities.

So, in Conclusion…

Yes, of course, a straight person can attend a Pride Event and go to Gay Bars!

However, it is important to be open-minded and accepting whilst remembering the true meaning behind the event or area.

Similar to Gay Bars, Pride Events are organised to be fun, outrageous and extravagant.

It’s about creating a fun, energetic, safe and enjoyable place to be. Just embrace it!

Create friends, make memories and build communities. Stand up in unison for equality and diversity in your local area. Support your local LGBTQIA+, Trans and Bi community.

Respect, accept and connect.

What do you think? It will be interesting to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.