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Hidayah LGBT: Supporting Queer Muslims

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Hidayah LGBT is the leading queer Muslim charity aiming to support and help Muslims across the world.

This post will examine how important this LGBTQIA+ charity is, discuss their work, and why we need to promote inclusivity and fight injustice in all communities.

Who are Hidayah LGBT?

Hidayah is an LGBTQIA+ charity aimed at helping and supporting the queer Muslim community. They fight for social justice and education for the queer Muslim community, countering discrimination, prejudice and injustice.

This charity provides the community with resources and events that discuss wide-ranging and relevant topics to educate others.

They are an upcoming and unincorporated charity wholly dedicated to meeting the Muslim LGBTQIA+ community’s needs and giving them a voice.

Hidayah LGBT aims to:

  • Increase visibility and promote the voices of LGBTQIA+ Muslims within their own communities and wider society.
  • Produce informative resources on queer Muslim issues, and encourage institutions and organisations to use these in their teaching.
  • Offer training and guidance on diversity and inclusion regarding the issues and obstacles LGBTQIA+ Muslims face in the UK.
  • Provide opportunities for Muslims to network and gain support from their peers to aid in their personal development.

​The word ‘Hidayah’ means guidance in Arabic. The team are dedicated volunteers who strive to offer just that.

Whether that involves regular meet-ups for queer Muslims or safe spaces for those who need them, this charity offers a community that accepts and includes anyone. 

Why is Hidayah LGBT so important?

Throughout history, many queer Muslims have faced homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. This has resulted in horrific events such as forced marriages, violence, family exile and death.

Attitudes towards both Islam and the LGBTQIA+ community are changing, but there is still a long way to go to make a difference both legally and socially in the lives of queer Muslin people. This starts by supporting others and speaking out about relevant issues. Hidayah is already doing this by helping LGBTQIA+ Muslims gain confidence in themselves and finding safe spaces for them across the United Kingdom, United States and worldwide.

Many Muslims can find it hard to live as their authentic self because of the stigma of their religion. However, there is a wonderful community of allies to help on this journey of discovery and to help celebrate who you are.

Hidayah LGBT is open to everyone, whether you are a practising or non-practising Muslim or simply supportive of the community. This organisation does not exclude anyone.

How can I get involved?

Hidayah LGBT are more than just a group, they are a family. There are many ways to become part of their story and show your support.

Head to a Meet-Up

If you want to show your support for Hidayah or receive some help or guidance, you are always welcome at any one of their meet-ups.

You will have the opportunity to learn more about how to support your fellow friends in the community or simply hang out and socialise.

Hidayah even offers educational workshops, and they have a helpful events calendar so you can easily find a nearby event. Find out more here.

Share Your Story

You can hear and share stories about the queer Muslim community. It is important to share your experiences, discuss your thoughts and grow with kind and like-minded people.

This charity even hosts a podcast where you have the opportunity to hear the stories of fellow members involved with Hidayah LGBT. You can listen here.

Make a Donation

Contributing directly to the charity enables it to continue to offer support to queer Muslims across the world. You can donate here.

Share Hidayah LGBT

One of the best free ways to support Hidayah is to share your thoughts and opinions about the excellent work they do.

By sharing news about their work online through various media channels and making others aware of the support available from Hidayah, you could be aiding someone within your circle of friends to access help and assistance or just spreading the word about the good work being done by the charity.

Contact the Hidayah LGBT Team

Hidayah produces a newsletter to enable you to keep up to date with all of their work.

If you want to contact the Hidayah volunteer team, please email [email protected]. Although they do not have a physical office, they always aim to get back to people as soon as possible

If you are looking for a place to make new friends or if you need support, Hidayah LGBT will be there for you.

Remember – you are not alone.

If you require immediate support or are at risk, please call 999. The Samaritans (open 24/7) are also there is you need someone to listen to you and help in stressful situations. You can call them on 116 123. This is confidential and will not show on your phone bill.