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If there is a Gay Pride, Why isn’t there a Straight Pride?

Pride Questions

The Controversy of “Straight Pride”

At Pride Events, we love to tackle controversial topics, and this is no exception. We approach these issues with an open mind, considering all viewpoints.

The Question: “If There Is a Gay Pride, Why Isn’t There a Straight Pride?”

This question often arises from a lack of awareness and understanding. Some people mistakenly believe that LGBTQIA+, Gay, Trans, or Bi Prides are merely about partying, with everyone wearing flamboyant clothing, waving rainbow flags, and having a good time. They overlook the event’s roots.

It appears some people call for a Straight Pride as a reaction to LGBTQIA+ Prides. This response often shows a lack of understanding and education.

LGBTQIA+ Pride History

“Gay Pride was not born of a need to celebrate being gay, but our right to exist without persecution. So, instead of wondering why there isn’t a straight pride movement, be thankful that you don’t need one.”

LGBTQIA+ communities have a history marked by protests, marches, discrimination, pain, and sacrifices. 

Do straight people have this history? No.

Do straight people live in fear daily because of their sexuality? No.

There isn’t much call for a Straight Pride because there isn’t a need for one. Heterosexual relations are still seen as the norm. While acceptance of same-sex relationships is increasing in the UK, heterosexual relationships remain the stereotypical family structure.

The Need for Equality

People should be proud of their sexuality, whatever it may be. Equality means allowing everyone to live proudly without fear or judgment. If people oppose straight individuals highlighting their sexuality, they fall into the same category as any homophobic person.

But do we need a Straight Pride if heterosexuals already live free of fear? Awareness and support are crucial for a sense of peace, regardless of sexual preferences or identities.

Proud Heterosexuals

In 2011, during Helsinki’s Gay Pride March, organisers arranged a group called “Proud Heterosexuals” to support the event. This action exemplified unity and togetherness.

Many heterosexuals openly support Pride Events in the UK. It’s all about “Respect, Accept, and Connect.”

The LGBTQIA+ community must continue to stand tall, proud, and united, facing criticism and judgment together.

LGBTQIA+ Community and Opportunity

Pride Events in the UK offer the LGBTQIA+ community the chance to be themselves. Embrace this opportunity. If critics rant about Straight Pride, let them. Nothing can erase the colourful history of the LGBTQIA+ community. As the community grows, so does the support.