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50 Gay Date Ideas in 2024


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It can be hard to think of unique and fun date ideas when you have just met the man of
your dreams. There is sometimes a lot of pressure to come up with amazing dates for you
to do together.

Going on regular ‘date nights’ or ‘date days’ with your new partner or long-term loved one
is important to keep a relationship fun and exciting, and it gives you the chance to get to
know your partner a little bit better.

Dates are a great way to communicate with your partner, get to know them on a deeper
level and have lots of fun.

If you’re having trouble coming up with date ideas, don’t panic! We’ve put together 50 gay date ideas for anyone to try out so that you can have the perfect date night or date day with your loved one.

1. Go to a restaurant

It’s a classic for a reason! Head out for food with your partner and try out somewhere that
neither of you has been before.
That way, you are creating new memories together from the get-go.

2. Go to a concert

A concert is a great way to get to know your partner better, and you can find out about
your new partner’s music taste, and have a little dance too!
Whether you go to see someone new or an old favourite, a concert is a fun idea for your
next date.

3. Visit a new town or city

Head out to a new town or city with your partner for a unique gay date idea.
You could visit a local village or go for a day trip to a neighbouring city. This date idea
gives you a chance to get to know your partner in a brand-new place.

4. Enjoy a movie night

There’s nothing wrong with staying in for a fun date night. Save your money and cuddle up
on the sofa while watching your favourite film.

This date night idea is simple and completely free. All you need is a great movie and
maybe some tasty popcorn.

5. Go-Kart racing

If there is a track near you, go-karting is a great choice for a date.
It will more than likely bring out that competitive spirit in the two of you, and it is a fun way
to release some adrenaline (and get a bit of exercise!).

6. Go to a drag show

Everyone loves a drag show! Watch some of your favourite drag queens on the TV or go
to a local drag show and check out some new talent. This is a fun date idea and will probably be full of laughs, thanks to all the banter!

You and your partner are bound to enjoy this together.

7. Take an online course together

If you have just met your partner, you might not know their strengths or favourite subjects
yet. An online course gives you both a chance to get to know each other a bit better and
improve your mind at the same time.

Perhaps learning a new language ready for a planned holiday later down the line or a
cookery course. The possibilities are endless!

8. Make dinner together

Cooking together is an excellent idea for a date night. You can try a new recipe, chat and
enjoy some good food together!

9. Make pizza

Making your own pizza is a great date night or date day idea, and you get a delicious meal
to enjoy with your partner at the end of it.

10. Go out with a group of friends

You and your friends might get together all the time, but adding your partner into the mix
can lead to lots of fun conversations and new memories with all of your favourite people.

11. Head to the skateboard park

If you want to get active and enjoy a unique activity with your loved one, head over to your
local skateboard park and try out your skills!

This is a free date idea, and it gives you and your partner a chance to get to know each
other in a fun and carefree environment. Try not to fall over too much though!

12. Go on a pub crawl

If you can’t decide where to go for your next date, then choose a few pubs to visit for your

Try out some independent pubs or visit all of your favourite bars. You can plan this date in
advance or see where the night takes you!

13. Visit a family member

Once you and your partner have got to know each other, you might want to introduce them
to your family.

This could be a drink, a meal or even a day out. Getting to know your partner’s family will
also help you understand them more.

14. Read together

There’s nothing cuter than cuddling up and reading your favourite book. Read the same book and discuss it, or find your next favourite read while enjoying + some quality downtime with your loved one.

15. Laser Quest

Laser Quest is an awesome idea for a date! It is a great way to show off your sniper, ninja
and Spider-Man skills all at once!

16. Go to your local arcade

Why not play some games with your partner at your local arcade? From air hockey to coin
slots, let your competitive streak shine through.

17. Go on a double date with friends

Double-dating with friends can be so much fun, and it gives you a chance to get to know
each other’s friends in a fun environment.

Friends + food = win win!

18. Play board games

Board game date nights are inexpensive and are a great idea. Play Monopoly or search for
a unique or unusual board game to play with your partner. You may even rediscover one
from your youth!

There are so many fun board games out there, and it is a great way to connect.

19. Play a game of darts

Head to your local pub and play a game of darts. A bit of friendly competition can be so
much fun, and it’s a great way to get to know your partner.

20. Go bowling

Fun, competitive and a great way to connect! A date night at the bowling alley is a great
evening out.

21. Indoor climbing or bouldering

If you enjoy sporty dates, indoor climbing or bouldering is a great date idea for you and
your partner. It is fun and interactive, and anyone can enjoy it.

22. Play cards

Invite your friends over for a poker night or play card games with your partner for a cheap
and easy date idea.

23. Go swimming

Swimming is so much fun, and it’s even better when you go with someone else.
You can have a little chat between lengths or splash around in the shallow end for a fun
date idea that gives you some exercise.

24. Meet up with other members of the LGBTQIA+ community

Meet up with other members of the LGBTQIA+ community to find like-minded people that
you can enjoy time with for a fun date night or date day.

5. Go for a night out in a new city

Head out for a night out in a new city. You could enjoy some drinks in a new bar or go for a
dance at a Gay Bar.

This will give you and your partner a chance to dance, sing and let off a bit of steam.

26. Go to the gym together

Taking care of your body is important, and going to the gym gives you and your partner a
chance to enjoy yourself while working out!

27. Go to the cinema

Another old date night favourite is going to the cinema. Who doesn’t enjoy popcorn and a
good film! You could even try out an IMAX or an outdoor cinema for something different.

28. Go for a run together

This is another fit and healthy date idea for you and your partner to enjoy together.
It can be fun to get active together and release some endorphins!

29. Binge-watch your favourite TV show

Sometimes we forget that simply watching TV with your partner is still a fun date idea!
Sit next to your partner on the sofa or cuddle up on the bed while you watch whole
seasons of a must-see show or an old favourite.

30. Axe-throwing

Axe-throwing is a fun date idea for LGBTQIA+ couples, and it gives you both a chance to
try out a new game and try your hand at a new skill.

Chances are, none of you will have tried this activity before, so this is a great way to create
new memories together!

31. Brunch

Who doesn’t love a tasty brunch?! Eat a full cooked breakfast or enjoy a vegan avocado

Brunch is a great way to get to know your partner over some delicious food, and cafés and
restaurants often serve brunch all day long, so you don’t have to wake up too early.

32. Go to a football game

Are you a football fan? Go to a match with your partner! It might not sound like a traditional
date idea, but it can be fun to cheer on your team alongside someone you love.
Whether you both like football or just one of you, this is a fun gay date idea for anyone.

33. Play a game of table tennis

You will be surprised how many bars and pubs now have table tennis. You can play a fun
game and see who has the best table tennis skills.

34. Make your own drinks

This is a fun way to enjoy drinks with your partner for a unique date idea. You could go to a
cocktail masterclass, follow an online class at home or invent and name a cocktail between
you (after much sampling!).

35. Do a DIY project together

DIY can be a pain and a chore, but it can also be fun! If you’re struggling with a project, get
your partner to help or embark on a project together. It may be the redecoration of a room
or the renovation of a piece of furniture. It will always have a special meaning as you did it

36. Quiz night!

Get your thinking caps on and head to a quiz night!
Show off your general knowledge and trivia expertise with your new partner, and maybe
even win a prize at the end.

37. Play mini-golf

Mini-golf is another competitive and fun date idea. Use your best putting skills whilst
chatting and laughing your way around the course.

38. Play video games together

If you both love video games, why not play them together? You can enjoy a competitive
game of Fifa or share your favourite game with your partner for a date idea that will keep
you both entertained.

39. Go camping

You can set up camp in a beautiful countryside spot or simply head out to the garden and
spend time together looking up at the stars.

40. Order your favourite takeaway

What’s better than cooking your favourite meal? Ordering your favourite takeaway!
We all love a tasty takeaway, and you and your partner can chat and catch up whilst eating
pizza, Indian, Chinese or chips. Plus, there will be a minimum amount of washing up!

41. Go to a museum/art gallery

Going to a museum or art gallery will add a touch of culture and class to your next gay day
date. This allows you to chat, discuss and debate what you have seen and will provide
each of you with an insight into the other person’s likes and dislikes.

There are plenty of free museums across the UK, so this doesn’t have to be an expensive
date idea.

42. Go skiing

Many cities now have indoor ski centres, meaning you and your partner can learn how to
ski together in a fun and stress-free environment.

Learn a new skill, and maybe you will be on the slopes for real together one day!

43. Go to a fitness class together

There are so many fitness classes out there, and it can be fun to try something new with
your partner.

Try out yoga, pilates or something a bit more challenging! You will release those
endorphins and maybe learn something new about your partner.

44. Go to your local Gay Bar

Meet other members of the LGBTQIA+ community with a date night at the local Gay Bar.

This is a fantastic gay date idea, and most bars also offer food, so you can really make a
night of it.

45. Go horse racing

Attending a horse racing meeting does not have to be expensive, and there is no
obligation to bet. Race meetings happen in the day and at night on most days of the week,
so you are bound to find one that you can attend.

You and your partner can have a great time cheering on your chosen horses. You can
even dress up for the occasion and share a picnic whilst you are there.

46. Go to the zoo

Who doesn’t love being around animals? Marvel at the animals up close and take
advantage of all the photo opportunities by taking selfies together!

47. Play a game of snooker

There are lots of bars and pubs with snooker or pool tables, and this can be an easy way
to unwind, relax and spend time with your loved one.

48. Go for a hike

Go for a hike with your loved one, and get some exercise too! Your hike can be any
distance and you can pack snacks and treats for stop off points along the way! Walking
and talking will help you get to know a little more about your partner.

49. See a comedy show

Go to a comedy open-mic night with your partner and spend the night in stitches as you
watch your favourite stand up comedians or check out the new rising talent.

50. Go to Pride

We couldn’t come up with a list of gay date ideas without suggesting a visit to a Pride
event! Go to your local Pride or splash out, travel a litter further afield, and spend a night or
two away.

If you need help planning your special Pride date, we can help. We have a comprehensive
list of upcoming events, and our travel and accommodation pages mean you can arrange
everything before you go.